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Presentation of the Amplid range

Dec 17, 2020

Tour Operator, Milligram or Mahalo which one is the good choice ?

Welcome among Amplid. Men or Women, Lightweight or rigid, you will find the split adapted to you.

Do you like the long or quick climb ? Say” hello” to the Milligram. With its 3050 grams, it’s one of the lightest of the market. It’s a board which you can’t feel when you climb, and which take you on the highest summit. Everything thinking about reduce a maximum the weight. Carbon topsheet, and very light wood, the construction of the board stays secretes. All this technology did a Milligram that you can take everywhere. Be sure of its downhill capacities. In steep slopes it’s a very safe board. In large powder slopes or hard snow, the board have the same comportment has a freestyle board and stay playful. Amplid conserve his reputation and the board is very solid. You will do a lot of climb and downhill with always the same passion.

Let’s go on the second board of Amplid : The Tour Operator.
This time, we talk about rigidity and solidity. To climb, we forget the board with its lightness. 3200 grams on balance and a special topsheet destined to not have too much snow on the board. On the downhill, it’s a real freeride. Rigid, accessible and playfull, this board will take you everywhere. Its solidity and durability it’s a real advantage for the people who want a splitboard during a long time.

To finish, we present you the women’s version of the Tour Operator : The Mahalo. 2980 grammes to climb and a playfull board on downhill. A little bit more flexible, but stable on high-speed. The powder is a real playground did for the Mahalo. Its stay stable on hard snow. The common point with the men’s version is its solidity. The topsheet is reenforced to avoid big scratch and impacts, which is a part of the touring.

The Amplid range is full of different split which answer all to a special type of practice. You just need to find the splitboard, which is the better for us.

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