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SoK Plum

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  • 270-330mm
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The SOK binding has a base specially developed for Hard boots. A form wire at the back places itself on the heel while at the front a lever closes on the shoe. Many size adjustments are possible, ranging from 270 mm to 330 mm. The SOK is used with our current interface system, which allows splitboarders to extend the use of the same spliboard, hard boots or softboots depending on the runs and conditions of the day. For your ascent, 2 possibilities are available to you, either with the SOK foot binding which is placed on the ascent gear, or with a low tech option, the PEKYE which is a low tech front stop specially designed to fit with standard 3-screw splitboard inserts. Bindings guaranteed for 2 years. Bindings sold with the complete interface, touring bracket, and climbing wedge. Bindings compatible with all PLUMsplitboard interfaces. PEKYE sold separately.

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