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- 1 ZOOM+ avalanche transceiver
- 1 240 Economic Probe
- 1 Badger Shovel
- 1 Safety Academy booklet
The ZOOM + AVALANCHE RESCUE SET offers newcomers in free-riding a cheaper opportunity to escape overcrowded tracks to take their first breaths of fresh air in Back-country. To compose this set, we have chosen particularly intuitive products which remain super easy to use even in the most stressful situations. The SAFETY ACADEMY GUIDE included in the Set explains the basic rules of behavior and provides a lot of fundamental knowledge, to avoid the use of avalanche transceivers, probes, and shovels.
The ZOOM + combines the simplest handling with the most modern technique and the most advanced Design. Reduced to two buttons, the ZOOM + focuses on intuitive operability. The on/off switch and the commutator which switches from transmission mode to reception mode both provide precise and clear information. The distance indication, directional arrow, and multiple casualty indication guide towards the fastest route to the final search area, an area in which the intuitive search acoustics facilitates localization. Thanks to a patented smart antenna technology, with ZOOM+, victims are found much more easily. The device analyzes the position in the avalanche and automatically commutes to the antenna best oriented to transmit. The most modern three-antenna digital technology is something as obvious for ORTOVOX as the automatic commutation to transmit in the event of an over-avalanche.
The warranty period increases from 2 to 5 years when registering online.

The BADGER is an ultralight aluminum shovel with an ergonomic hybrid handle to optimize power transmission! Thanks to its bucket offering a 2.5 liters capacity and its rigid construction with a marked center bar and raised edges, it allows powerful shoveling. Grooves on the top of the bucket make it easy to press it down with your foot and a grip in the middle of the handle allows a quick assembly.

ALU 240
Our beginner probe with Quick-Lock locking system: the ALU 240 is reduced to the essentials. The Quick-Lock locking system allows quick and easy assembly. It is thus assembled in a few seconds and unlocked and stored just as quickly. Its optimized adjustment screw allows the tension to be adjusted quickly with just one turn of the screw. Its bulky tip with a diameter slightly larger than the rest of the probe allows better penetration. Its lightweight of 200g is possible thanks to the use of aluminum with a 11mm diameter.
Like all our probes, the ALU 240 is featuring a visual control system with depth markers, a pronounced mark at 1 meter and a fluorescent orange lower segment which allows the optimization of the strategy to clear the victim.

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